About MCID

MCID, the Media Center Image Database is the online database for the collections of the Media Center for Art History of the Department of Art History at Columbia University.

The MCID collections contain original fieldwork by Media Center staff and Columbia Faculty, scans from department slide collections, and special collections.

How to use MCID


Each resource record has comprehensive cataloging that is full-text searchable. To find a particular resource, combine searches with the search facets on the right side of the collection to narrow your results.

Viewing Media

To view the visual resources of a collection, users can click on the thumbnails in the collection gallery. Clicking on an image thumbnail will present the image in either a larger format. To use the zooming images or panoramas, users can either scroll with their mouse or use the buttons at the bottom which also allow the resource to be made fullscreen. To navigate between images, users can click the arrow buttons in the lower right or by using the keyboard's arrow keys. Each image is displayed with partial cataloging and a link to the full cataloging record. To access the full record directly from the search view, click the title of the resource rather than the thumbnail.

MCID Staff and Contributors

The staff of the Media Center for Art History are the principle curators and developers of MCID. The collections within MCID are comprised of photography and cataloging of Columbia Faculty, Staff, Work-Study Collaborators, and Students.

Access Restrictions

Some collections contain copyrighted materials which require a Columbia UNI Login. In order to access these materials either click the button in the upper right corner to log in, or navigate to a restricted collection, at which point you will be redirected to the login page. Visitors who are not Columbia University Affiliates should contact the Media Center about access.

Projects under active development are not yet open to the public.

Contact the Media Center for Permission Inquires or to report a problem

If you would like to use MCID resources please use the form linked to on each image record page for permission.

If you have received an error screen, found a missing image, or think you have discovered a problem with a feature, please send an email including information on how to recreate the issue to the Media Center for Art History (mediacenter at columbia.edu)