Palazzo Ducale
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Interior: View of Sala della Quarantia Civil Vecchia

founded 9th century; expansion 14th-16th centuries; expanded interior decorations from 16th-17th centuries
Venice (Italy)
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Doge's Palace, Sala della Quarantia Civil Vecchia
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stone, marble, brick
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Cassy Juhl

The Council of Forty (Quarantia) seems to have been set up by the Great Council at the end of the 12th century and was the highest appeal court in the Republic. Originally a single forty-man council which wielded substantial political and legislative power, the Quarantia was divided into 3 separate councils during the course of the 15th century: the Quarantia Criminal (for sentences in what we would call criminal law); the Quarantia Civil Vecchia (for civil actions within Venice) and the Quarantia Civil Nuovo (for civil actions within the Republic's mainland territories). This room was restored in the 17th century; the fresco fragment to the right of the entrance is the only remnant of the original decor. The paintings hanging here date from the 17th century as well, by Celesti, Malombra and around the door, by Lorenzetti.

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Photography by the Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, © The Trustees of Columbia University
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