Palazzo Ducale
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Interior: Antichamber

founded 9th century; expansion 14th-16th centuries; expanded interior decorations from 16th-17th centuries
Venice (Italy)
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Doge's Palace, Sala Quatro Porte
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stone, marble, brick
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Cassy Juhl

This room was the formal antechamber to the more important rooms in the palace, and the doors which give it its name are ornately framed in precious eastern marbles; each is surmounted by an allegorical sculptural group that refers to the virtues which should inspire those who took on the government responsibilities.The present decor is a work by Antonio da Ponte and design by Andrea Palladio and Antonio Rusconi. The coffered ceiling — with stucco decoration by Giovanni Cambi, known as Bombarda — contains frescoes of mythological subjects and of the cities and regions under Venetian dominion. Painted by Jacopo Tintoretto from 1578 onwards, this decorative scheme was designed to show a close link between Venice's foundation, its independence, and the historical mission of the Venetian aristocracy — a program of self-celebration that could already be seen in the Golden Staircase.

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Photography by the Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, © The Trustees of Columbia University
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