Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale

Detail: Latin inscription below mosaic


Creator Nationality: 

Creator Dates: 

ca. 1890-1966

Creator Role: 

Title Variant: 



ca. 1937-1940


Location 2: 

Geographic Coordinates: 

Latitude: 41.906088000000
Longitude: 12.477116000000


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Style/Period 2: 



Insciption reads: HUNC LOCUM UBI AUGUSTI MANES VOLITANT PER AURAS POSTQUAM IMPERATORIS MAUSOLEUM EX SAECULORUM TENEBRIS EST EXTRACTUM ARAEQUE PACIS DISIECTA MEMBRA REFECTA/ MUSSOLINI DUX VETERIBUS ANGUSTIIS DELETIS SPLENDIDIORIBUS VIIS AEDIFICIIS AEDIBUS AD HUMANITATIS MORES APTIS ORNANDUM CENSUIT ANNO MDCCCCXL A F. R. XVIII In translation (Walter Englert, Reed College): This is the place where the soul of Augustus flies through the breezes, after the mausoleum of the emperor was extracted from the darkness of the ages and the scattered pieces of the altar of peace were restored, Mussolini the leader ordered the old narrow places to be destroyed and the location to be adorned with streets, buildings, and shrines fitting for the ways of humanity in the year 1940, in the eighteenth year of the Fascist Era.


Image Source: 

Photography by Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History, Columbia University

Image Date: 

March, 2012