Corner Chapel

altarpiece, Communion of Santa Lucia


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ca. 1440-1504

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Santi Apostoli




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Latitude: 45.440477000000
Longitude: 12.336514000000

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This altarpiece was installed approximately 300 years after the chapel was completed. This is considered one of Tiepolo’s most deeply spiritual pictures. The chapel is the remaining portion of the 15th century church, attributed to Coducci. This was the original burial site of Caterina Corner, Queen of Cyprus (d. 1510) who has since been transferred to San Salvatore. Also buried here are Marco Corner (d. 1511), father of Caterina whose tomb is a work by Tullio Lombardo, and Caterina's brother, Giorgio Corner (d. 1540). Giorgio’s tomb was created by Tullio Lombardo, and occupies the entire left wall of the Corner Chapel.


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Photography by the Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology