Goddess of the Lo River


C31; "Precious Collection of Famous Paintings"; Ming-hui chi-chen Lo-shen t'u; ARTIST; Ku K'ai-chih (c.345-c.406); PERIOD Chin 317-420; MATTER; Lendary figure; MATERIAL Ink and color on silk; Album of 16 leaves; FORMAT 11 leaves photo'd, 10 1/16 in. x 20 5/8 in. (25.5 cm. x 52.4 cm.); SEAL 6; INSCRIPTION; COLOPHON No; ARCHIVE # 1861, 1862 X SHU HUA LU # VA 1 (a) 171 (7); OPC 6.200

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Columbia University Department of Art History and Archaeology Photograph Collection, digitized with support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

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