The Joys of Fishing


PTG; TAIWAN, CHINESE NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM; TITLE Yv-lo t'u; ARTIST Ching Hao (act.c.900-950); SS78; PERIOD Five Dynasties, 906-980; SUBJECT MATTER River valley bordered by steep cliffs with archit. and fig. details; fishing gear; MATERIAL ink and light color (?) on silk; FORMAT Hanging scroll 74 9/16 in. x 49 9/16 in. (189.4 cm. x 175.9 cm.); SEALS 1; ARTIST'S INSCRIPTION No; COLOPHON No; REMARKS; KU KUNG SHU HUA LU # WV 3, 230 (79); ARCHIVE #38

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Columbia University Department of Art History and Archaeology Photograph Collection, digitized with support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

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