Palazzo Ducale

Interior: View of Council of Ten Chamber

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Doge's Palace, Consiglio dei Dieci


founded 9th century; expansion 14th-16th centuries; expanded interior decorations from 16th-17th centuries


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Latitude: 45.434121000000
Longitude: 12.340725000000


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The assembly was made up of ten members chosen from the Senate and elected by the Great Council. These ten sat in council with the Doge and his six counselors, which accounts for the 17 semicircular outlines that one can still see in the chamber. The decoration of the ceiling was the work of Gian Battista Ponchino, with the assistance of a young Veronese and Gian Battista Zelotti. Carved and gilded, the ceiling is divided into 25 compartments decorated with images of divinities and allegories intended to illustrate the power of the Council of Ten that was responsible for punishing the guilty and freeing the innocent. The oval painting in the center, depicting Jove descending from the clouds to hurl thunderbolts at Vice, is however a copy of the original Veronese which Napoleon took to the Louvre.


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Photography by the Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, © The Trustees of Columbia University

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