Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Interior: View of Staircase


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ca. 1465-1549

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born 1628/1635, died after 1679

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active 1661, died ca. 1700

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Geographic Coordinates: 

Latitude: 45.436524000000
Longitude: 12.325187000000


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Looking up the stairwell toward Main Hall from the landing. Right side painting is by Antonio Zanchi while the left is by Pietro Negri. These paintings date from the century after Tintoretto completed his painting cycles for the Scuola, and reflect the arrival of Baroque styling to Venetian painting. Both paintings depict the 1631 plague which decimated Venice and resulted in the building of Santa Maria della Salute, shown in the background of Negri's work. The Zanchi is signed.


Culture 2: 


The Virgin Appears to the Plague-Stricken, 1666 (right)

Subject 2: 

Venice and the Saints Marco, Rocco, and Sebastiano Invoke Divine Help to Overcome the Calamity, c. 1673 (left)

Subject 3: 

Mercy Presenting Poor Sick People to San Rocco, c. 1660s (cupola)


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Photography by the Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, © The Trustees of Columbia University

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