Date: 893 CE
Image View Description: Exterior: Central Sanctuaries
Creator: King Yasovarman I (Khmer patron, ruler, 889 - 910 CE (reign))
Work Type: architecture
Work Type 2: sculpture
Style/Period: Khmer (Thai Period)
Style/Period 2: Preah Ko
Culture: Khmer
Culture: Cambodian
Subject: Khmer (Architecture)
Location: Cambodia
Notes: The entrances of the doors to the towers are cut from a single block of stone, as at Bakong. The western two temples are decorated with reliefs of female divinities holding fly whisks, and the eastern two temples are decorated with male guardians holding tridents.
Photographer: Caleb Smith
Record ID: 1213_cambodia2013_roluosgroup_lolei_vr_002

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