Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments

Gunduk Cave and Reliefs

Exterior: Mar Audishio Monastery, Looking Southwest from Cave

Sanctuary of Shaykh Adi

The concial domes of the sanctuary

The Monastery of Rabban Hormizd

Niche in the old chapel

Gate of the Amadiya Citadel

Parthian rock relief nearby the Badinan Gate

Yaqub Agha House, Erbil Citadel

Interior: Wall Niche, Engraving Detail

The Baptistry of Ain Baydha

Exterior: concial dome of the Baptistry

Sanctuary of Shaykh Adi

Interior Detail


Documenting Disappearing History

The on-going Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments project at Columbia University surveys the extraordinarily rich landscape of monuments and historical architecture in this region.

Current Focus

Our team is currently involved in fieldwork in Iraq and in South Eastern Turkey with the aim of assessing the condition of monuments on site, and providing detailed digital records for future research and preservation projects.


Future of the Past: Addressing the Cultural Heritage Crises in Iraq and Syria

An international workshop, phase III

Amman, Jordan.
February 2018.