Workshop: Future of the Past: Addressing the Cultural Heritage Crises in Iraq and Syria. An International Workshop, Phase II Amman, Jordan. November 2016.

Lecture: The Discourse of Artefacts and Things Prof. Zainab Bahrani Mardin Artuklu University, Mardin. June 2016

Lecture: Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments: Second Season Prof. Zainab Bahrani Columbia Global Center
Istanbul. June 2015

Lecture: Destroyed and Recycled: Cultural Heritage of Iraq and Syria Today Dr. Helen Malko Assyrian Foundation of America
San Francisco, CA. May 2016.

Lecture: Mapping Mesopotamia Dr. Helen Malko Archaeological Institute of America
Weschester Society, NY. Feb 2016

Lecture: The Pillaging and Use of Stolen Antiquities by ISIS Dr. Helen Malko New York City Bar Association
New York, NY. Feb 2016