House B13 (37 Topkhana)


19th century

MMM Documentation Dates
Fall 2013
Site Type
Civic, Commercial, and Domestic Buildings
Erbil/Hawler Governorate

    Reception Room

    Rooftop of House B13 and Views over Erbil

    This small house is raised above the street level by several steps leading to the main entrance and a courtyard; on the western side of the courtyard, there is a staircase leading up to the rooftop. Rooms of various sizes surround the courtyard. A small iwan with a pointed arch is located on the northern side of the courtyard, leading to a back room and a large side room whose walls form part of the citadel’s facade; both rooms have windows overlooking the modern city of Erbil below. The rooms are decorated with niches and carved ornaments. Additionally, three large rooms are located on the western side of the courtyard, while smaller rooms are grouped on the southern side.

    The house has been extensively restored. 

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