Selim Qaqa House


19th century

MMM Documentation Dates
Fall 2013
Site Type
Civic, Commercial, and Domestic Buildings
Erbil/Hawler Governorate

    Forecourt & Facade


    This house, located in Erbil/Hawler, dates to the late Ottoman period. It is the only house with arcades made of Mosul alabaster that was not reconstructed in the 1980s; thus, it still retains its original fabric.

    The house, raised above a semi-basement, has a u-shaped plan. The main wing consists of two rooms overlooking a portico; each room features niches divided into five smaller niches. The northern room retains parts of a painted metal ceiling, a painted frieze and socle, a tiled floor, and panels in the roof and door; niches similar to those found in the two rooms of the main wing are placed along the walls. Each of the two side wings is oriented north-south and consists of a single room each.

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