Erbil/Hawler Hammam



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Fall 2013
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Civic, Commercial, and Domestic Buildings
Erbil/Hawler Governorate

    Outer Hall

    Inner Hall

    Located in the middle of the Erbil/Hawler citadel's residential area, the original hammam on this site was built by Qassim Agha Abdullah in 1775 to serve the local population. It was replaced by the current structure, the plan of which follows that of the original hammam, in 1979.

    Although the hammam was extensively renovated in 1979, its original floor plan remains. The main entrance leads into a domed outer hall that measures 9 x 9 m. From here, there is access to a middle hall, which presumably used to be slightly warmer in temperature; this hall is square in plan, measuring 11 x 11 m, and is surmounted by a large dome with several small openings covered with glass to provide natural light. The inner hall located at the end of the building was most likely used for the hot, steamy bath area. The water for the hammam was provided by an ancient well, more than 60 m deep, which has survived to this day. The original hammam remained in use until the 1979 restoration. The structure was restored once again in the 1980s.  

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