Yaqub Aga House


19th century

MMM Documentation Dates
Fall 2013
Site Type
Civic, Commercial, and Domestic Buildings
Erbil/Hawler Governorate

    Iwan Arches & Staircases

    Various Interior Spaces & Details

    Nearby Minaret

    This large complex is now divided into two parts by a central road built in 1958, which runs north-south through the citadel. The house had a spacious courtyard surrounded on three sides by wings that used to have a second story. Large parts of the eastern and the western wings have completely disappeared. What remains are parts of the main wing, with an iwan with two arches, as well as parts of the eastern iwan. Behind the arch in the eastern iwan, there is a reception room with a remarkable fireplace in its eastern wall. A small structure with a dome is built on the western end of the room, suggesting that the room functioned as a private bathroom. There are painted decorations in blue, green, and yellow, as well as geometrical and vegetation plaster carvings throughout the house.   

    Al Yaqoobi, D., et al. 2012. Highlights of Erbil Citadel. Erbil: High Commission for Erbil Citadel Revitalization.

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