Arcueil, Église Saint-Denys


    The village, of ancient foundation is known from its location by the great southern aquaduct of Paris; the parish was one of 21 parishes created in the thirteenth century in the diocsese of Paris.


    Begun ca. 1220


    A box-like shape some 30 m long and 13m wide with nine bays; a central vessel flanked by aisles, no transept and a flat east end.


    Three stories: the supports are cylindrical columns with crocket capitals, the middle level as a gallery with triple opening and the clerestory, closely linked with the gallery, is an oculus. There is an unusual relieving arch behind the triple opening of the gallery: the arch carries a narrow exterior clerestory passage 10m high


    The church was begun at the east end in the first quarter of the thirteenth century. The western bays of the nave were rebuilt in the later middle ages

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