Domont, Église Sainte-Marie-Madeleine


    A priory of S-Martin-des-Champs. Endowed with its estates close to the forest of Montmorency with its stone quarries in 1108 by the Le Bel family. Perhaps the first church on the site, probably erected soon after 1108. In 1182 the church took on parish functions with an altar (dedicated to the Madeleine) for the parish in the north transept; the choir was reserved for the monks. The church was rebuilt with rib vaults beginning c1150. The tower collapsed in 1782 and the church fell into ruin. Restored 1811-1845 when three bays of the nave were removed


    Begun ca. 1155


    A three=aisled nave with projecting transept. Choir has a five-bay ambulatory with a smooth perimeter (like Sens Cathedral, Poissy, and Notre-Dame of Paris) and a rectangular axial chapel (added in the 13th century)


    Three-story elevation with middle level made up of double openings under a relieving arch much like Poissy, Sens and S-Etienne of Beauvais. At Domont this is a triforium with no gallery space behind and no passage. The low-slung flyers of the chevet, though restored, belong to the same generation as the flyers of S-Germain-des-Prés and the original flyers of Notre-Dame of Paris.

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