Troyes, Église de la Madeleine


    Begun ca. 1190


    The late 12th-century church with double nave aisles and non-projecting transept was extended soon after 1500 with a chevet terminated by a trapezoidal three-sided hemicycle surrounded by hexagonal-vaulted cells that unite the ambulatory with the three radiating chapels.


    In the nave there is a three-storey elevation with stocky arcade elongated ?Burgundian? triforium and deep-set clerestory window. The late Gothic chevet is two-stories with cylindrical piers and short clerestory. The trapezoidal hemicycle allows the visitor?s gaze to penetrate to the deeply saturated stained-glass characteristic of the Troyes glass painters in the decades around 1500.


    The glory is the choir screen built by Master Jean Gailde in the second decade of the 16th-century.