Bordeaux, Église Sainte-Croix


    Monastery established at the end of the 10th century on an eminence on edge of L'Eau Bourde a tributary of the Garonne a kilometer outside of Bordeaux. Role of a legendary saint Mommolin, Mummolus or Mummolenus a monk from S-Aignan of Orléans (d. c. 679). Wealthy from rights on wine trade. The nave dominated by a cult statue of the saint. Tradition of patronage of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
    The monastery was reconstructed by William, count of Bordeaux after 1099 -- oldest parts of the church belong to eleventh century. The three vessels of the nave were originally covered with a wooden roof--late 12th century the nave piers were raised higher and rib vaults built -- sexpartite over the nave and quadripartite over the aisles.


    Begun 12th century

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