Meaux, Cathédrale Saint-Étienne


    Begun ca. 1180


    A five aisled basilica plan with a non-projecting transept surrounded five segment hemicycle and ambulatory.


    In the nave three story elevation with soaring arcade and blind triforium and tall clerestory. The elevation of the choir has four levels, arcade, false tribune (no vaulting), triforium and clerestory. The false tribune exists in straight bays of the choir.


    The church results from a complex series of interventions. The older work, circa 1180's, can be found in three chapels of hemicycle. The hemicycle was modified with the addition of extra chapels from the mid to later 13th-century and the main vessel extended upwards creating the false tribune and upper stories, similarly in the nave an older structure was transformed in the 13th-century and late. The western frontispiece was finished only in the late Middle Ages.


    The three chapels of the older the chevet an older architectural language with a distinct regional flavor, like that at Saint-Remy, the abbey at Lagny-sur-Marne and Troyes Cathedral. This older language was over laid with a distinctly Parisian language.

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