Marigny, Église Saint-Pourçain

    Though the church is dedicated today to Saint-Pourçain, it was originally dedicated to Saint Martin, and Saint Radegonde was also equally venerated, as the two saints' cults are often associated. Dependent on the former diocese of Bourges, the church belonged to the priory of Souvigny, as confirmed by popes Urban II in 1095, and Eugène III in 1152. A three-bay single-vessel nave with pointed barrel vault is terminated to the east by a slightly narrower choir, also with barrel vault and apse. The choir is flanked by barrel-vaulted chapels, the one to the south is said to be Late Gothic, while its counterpart is modern. The walls of the nave, constructed of petit appareil, have been overlaid on their interior surfaces with a blind arcade in ashlar and colonnettes supporting the transverse arches of the vault as at Autry-Issards. The windows of the nave have, in some cases, been obstructed by this armature. The crocket capitals of the vault and the base moldings with deeply-projecting lower torus and water-holding scotia, suggest that this earlier nave (late 11th-early 12th century?) was retrofitted and vaulted in the decades towards 1200. The square tower placed to the south of the nave is reminiscent of Agonges.