Pouzy-Mésangy, Église Saint-Aignan-de-Pouzy

    Dependant on the former diocese of Bourges. Given its proximity to the adjacent château, presumably the church served once as the latter's chapel. The 3-bay nave crowned with pointed barrel vault with transverse arches (rib vault in the west bay) is flanked by very narrow side aisles, which are barrel vaulted. The addition of post-medieval chapels, south and north of the crossing, creates the effect of a transept. Traces of previous fenestration remain in the space between the vault and the current roof: two vertical slits on the exterior of the southern wall of the nave coincide with the vestiges of early voussoirs on the wall's interior. This confirms that this church was previously composed of a single vessel nave, with comparatively higher walls, and large arched windows, sitting well above the height of the modern ones. The semi-shaped pastoureaux of the nave suggest an early date probably around 1000. This early chapel was retrofitted with arcade and vaults in the mid-12th century: the massive piers may make reference to nearby Ygrande. In the late middle ages the western bay of the nave vault was redone and the west façade reconstructed:it is said that the nave lost a bay. The apse is said to be Late Gothic:it could be post-medieval.