Theneuille, Église Saint-Pierre

    Parish of the diocese of Bourges. The church originally served the castle erected on a motte here: the castle was demolished in the Hundred Years War. This little church, which may have its origins in the 11th century, represents the simplest kind of local structure: a rectangular nave with very thick walls of petit appareil doubtless originally intended for a wooden roof; square crossing bay surmounted by tower (note the external staircase) and small apse. Colonnettes attached to the interior walls of the nave and the outward deformation of the walls suggest that a masonry barrel vault was once installed here--the present ceiling is a depressed wooden barrel. Above this wooden barrel a considerable expanse of wall extends up to the roof--there are no obvious signs of the putative barrel vault. There are low-relief sculptured capitals of curious design. The exterior has been heavily plastered. Only the north wall of the nave is available for inspection?here we find petit appareil where some of the stones have been roughly cubed--perhaps a carry-over from Roman techniques. The eastern buttress has been hacked off. No traces of earlier fenestration were found.